2019 » STS Perspectives

A trilogy of papers presenting new statistical and set-based perspectives of word vectors, sentence representations, and the similarity measures we use to compare them.

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2018 » Decoding Decoders

Introduces the notion of an optimal representation space to understand how distributed representations perform in downstream similarity tasks.


2017 » Gray-Scott Bot

A Twitter bot that posts gifs of Gray-Scott simulations.


2016 » Active Deep Learning

Preliminary work on integrating active learning and neural networks. I didn’t get very far but would love to get back to it…


2014 » Metro Maps of Photos

Exploring a new way of creating intelligent structured visualizations of personal photo collections. Part of my research at graduate school (before I left).


2013 » PSVM

My undergraduate honors thesis on an algorithm for supervised classification using an ensemble of linear SVMs.


2011 » Cupcakery

An animated short made for my undergraduate computer graphics class. It’s about a cupcake.


2010 » Nebula

A user-friendly GUI for managing large-scale distributed systems. I contributed during an undergraduate research summer.